In some cases, garments can only be cleaned by dry cleaning. With our state of the art machinery and many years of experience we are able to remove even the most stubborn stains with preliminary stain treatment.

Bio Clean

In addition to being a chemical-free and environmentally friendly process, BioClean offers other advantages as well:

-No chemical residue (Hypoallergenic)

-Better cleaning effect (fresher and and more natural smell)

-Vibrant colors, whites get more white, spots expelled better

-Slower color fading

Stain removal

After screening the stubborn stains one by one, pretreatment with a stain remover additive.

Laundry and dry-cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning of car seat cover, cushion cover, plush figure

Waterproofing Service

Professional waterproofing of winter coats, sport garment, ski wear by adding an extra waterproof layer

Leather cleaning and dyeing

Leather cleaning, dyeing and repair. Cleaning of leather motorcycle clothing.

Door to Door Service

Don’t have time to take your suit, shirt, or costume to the laundry? Order our courier at the ideal time for you and we will pick up and return your clothes cleaned free of charge in case of an order over HUF 10,000.

Express Service

We offer same day, 4-hour cleaning service and upon request and availability we can also guarantee one-hour cleaning service too.

Clothing alteration & sewing

Zipper change, shortening, sewing


We offer a comprehensive laundry and dry-cleaning service for hotels and Airbnbs with individual contract.

Why choose us?

Excellent quality

Besides the modern technological background, we are well prepared to deliver you the Top Clean quality. Our team provides you first class and perdonal service and is ready to face challenges to meet your needs.

Door to door service

You no longer have to go to the laundry. As part of our door-to-door service in the 5th district, at an agreed time our team picks up the garments you would like to have cleaned and then deliver your freshly cleaned clothes right at your doorstep. You only need to book an appointment online and choose the type of garments that need to be cleaned.